“It is this embracing love, charged with tenderly revealing power,  that makes Lois Mailou Jones a painter of such exceptional and evocative quality. It gives her the humanistic depths so evident in her freedom from individualistic pretentions, her responsive mastery of colour, her controlled feeling for warmth and symbolism in design, her lively expression of light--and no one can paint the magic of light unless, in Sir Kenneth Clark’s perceptive phrase, it is an ‘expression of love’.”
— Cédric Dover, Galerie internationale, February 1961
The Loïs Mailou Jones Pierre-Noël Trust celebrates the life and legacy of Loïs Mailou Jones.  Below are the standards on which we uphold these endeavors.

  1. To promote the art of Loïs Mailou Jones through exhibitions that include paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures in museums and galleries throughout the world.

  2. To help maintain the integrity of the works of Loïs Mailou Jones.

  3. To help control the reproductions of Loïs Mailou Jones' artworks included in catalogues, books, magazines, films, slides, and videos.

  4. To help determine the authenticity of works by Loïs Mailou Jones.

  5. To help control the marketing of Loïs Mailou Jones artwork by determining which works should be sold, monetary values of pieces, and appropriate placement of works into public and private collections.

  6. To set up art scholarship funds at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Howard University for students to study in the United States or abroad.