Writings by Lois
“Not only did Jones continually update her teaching methods with new techniques, novel materials and experimental processes, she also published exhibition reviews, lectured widely and conducted research abroad.  This aspect of her pedagogy, reflecting a teacher who was always eager to learn, affected her own working method and kept the look and feeling of her paintings fresh, undaunted, and ever-changing.”
— Cheryl Finley, Assistant Professor in the History of Art Department at Cornell University, 2009
Art/Exhibitioins Programs and Materials

Ten Afro-American Artists of the Nineteenth Century, 1967
African Negro Art, 1953
African Negro Sculpture, 1957
The Negro in Western Art 1500 to the Present, 195
African Contemporary Art, 1977
Various Caribbean artists 197 4
New Vistas in American Art, 1961
Survey Number One: Visual Metamorphosis in Painting, 1959
An Exhibition of Haitian Art, 1974
Various exhibitions of James Porter, 1930-1970
Labor and Release: Works in Stone, Wood and Mixed Media, 1980
Howard University Art Gallery invitations, 1932 and 1972
Art Department exhibition announcement materials, 1939-1960
Howard University Art Gallery programs, 1939-1980
Faculty exhibition price list, 1989
Howard University Art Gallery permanent holdings list, 1966
Howard University Art Gallery painting various listings, n.d.
Institute for the Arts and the Humanities, ca 1970
Various Howard University events, 1944-1975
Farewell Program of Appreciation in honor of Dr. Vada Butcher, 1991
Howard University: Legacy of Leadership, 1997
Charter Day Convocation, 1978
Seventy-Seventh Annual Commencement, 1945
One Hundredth and Nineteenth Convocation, 1987
A Tribute to the Memory of Professor William Leo Hansberry, 1972
Colloquium in honor of Distinguished Faculty, 1977

Essays on Various Topics

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